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Hi. I want to take a moment to introduce my wife Leslie and our daughter Chloe. Leslie and I have been married for 23 years. Our marriage brought together two large family groups in Seattle, and established relationships full of warmth, generosity and good feelings. We get together regularly for holiday events to enjoy good times and great food.

John Alexander Family

The Alexander family from left to right: Chloe, John and Leslie, with their pet dachshund, Ramone.

Leslie makes for us a happy and beautiful home in North Seattle. She works part-time as a bookkeeping assistant. Her hobbies include beading of beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry and playing Mah Jong weekly. Leslie is close and helpful to her remaining parent, and has always been a devoted, patient and loving daughter and daughter-in-law, both during times of good health and during our parents’ final days. She is a wonderful wife and great parent. I am fortunate in my marriage.

Chloe attends college at the University of Oregon in Eugene, concentrating her studies in art history, anthropology and Spanish. We are delighted with Chloe’s academic choices. For us, the purpose of her college experience is to enhance the life-long process of being an educated, well-informed and discerning person. Chloe works regularly to earn her own money for her personal expenses. Her work ethic is strong and Leslie and I are confident she will be a fully independent person when her college days end.

When not busy doing the many functions of representing and providing legal counsel to my clients, I spend time maintaining my home and assisting with family and home chores. I am an avid reader, but don’t watch much television. I love my home for all it means to me, and I take joy in maintaining our garden and keeping things in good repair. I have a garage filled with tools which I use regularly. Hardware stores and toy stores are places of happiness and wonder to me.

Despite the solid income my parents always had, I worked from age 11 outside my parents’ home to earn my own money. It was a point of pride for me that I never asked my parents for spending money or expected them to purchase things for me. My father understood, as he worked his way out of poverty to provide a wonderful life for our family.

Because of this work experience in my youth, I have a strong interest in working with my hands and learning new skills with tools. I want to learn to weld, another skill which fascinates me. Despite seven years of higher education, I have an abiding respect for the skills and knowledge of working people. Some of my warmest memories from my youth are those of the skilled workers who took valuable time to teach me things of their trade, and to answer my unending questions. My interests also include restored automobiles. I owned a collector car in the recent past, a 1952 Chevrolet Bel Air two-door, hard top – and I intend to own and work on another collector car when the luxury of retirement overcomes my desire to practice law and to be of service to my clients.

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